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Because You Matter.

God created you on purpose for a purpose.

I believe that almost every person desires to fulfill their purpose in life, but what does that mean for you?  You desire to be the best person you could be, work the dream jobs you want to work, have fulfilling and meaningful relationships, be confident and courageous and somehow make a difference in your world, but is it all really possible for YOU?  Yes it is! 

The problem is that you just may not know how or where to start. You may feel overwhelmed with just the thought of it. Goals? Success? Change? What does that even look like for you?  

Through life coaching I will help you get ‘unstuck’ and help you learn how to move forward. This means to move from where  you are to where God is calling you to be. I will help you understand better the core of who you are, your value system, your strengths, weaknesses, what really makes you tick and how to pull your life all together!  It's really exciting! It’s not that difficult. It just takes believing that you can, exploring your purpose and vision, using the right tools to overcome obstacles and putting into action practical and effective plans.

If you don't try, you'll  never know how great life can be! So connect with me and let's see what amazing things could actually happen for you!

How can I help you?

My life coaching is based on the principals of the Word of God, never on my own personal opinion or thoughts.  I believe whatever area of life, God has the answer to! My coaching is relevant, honest, and impacting.  If you're ready to do the work, then you will see progress and success in more ways you could have imagined.  Our coaching relationship will be built on trust and clear communication.

My coaching style is relaxed, conversational, collaborative, and solution-orientated. Setting a comfortable atmosphere wherein you feel safe to share openly and honestly is something I always aim to create. Confidentiality and agreement are always put into place at the beginning of our meeting, making  room to move forward with greater ease. 

I offer a unique coaching style that is founded on the basis of YOU - WHO you are, WHERE you're at, WHAT makes you, and WHY do you want to move forward? 

With diligence and patience my aim is to help get you into the right place and purpose in life for all God designed for you to be.

Working together is key! With consistent, and sometimes reflective,deep or challenging homework, you will soon discover that you're moving towards the change you desire and getting closer to your goals!

You can do this! 

My desire is to help bring awareness, exploration and discovery to you and help you move forward in practical, successful and rewarding ways.

Most of our coaching sessions will take place in coffee shops or via phone and at other venues, depending on need and area. The sessions are 75 minutes long. In my experience, the best results come from consistent weekly coaching sessions.

Realistically, it takes an average between 21 and 90 days for habits, attitudes and behaviors to start manifesting consistent change and to begin transforming into successful and lasting results. Understanding that lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, will help you become patient with yourself and the process, as we journey through it together.

 Upon completion of the suggested six weeks plan, you can choose to continue your coaching with me for several more months or keep me as your coach for periodic, future sessions. 


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